"G E M" Award Nomination

  • The Township of Evesham celebrates and acknowledges employees whose work consistently exemplifies commitment to and excellence in the service of our Township and Residents. These employees have demonstrated a willingness to “Go the Extra Mile” to accomplish a task, assist a resident, work positively and effectively with their peers and supervisors, and contribute to the improvement of processes and efficiencies of their work environment through their personal initiative and creativity.

    Listed below are standards and criteria by which an employee is evaluated.  Please describe how this nominee demonstrates the criteria for the award.  The nomination may be for a single incident or cumulative performance in one or more of the areas listed. 

    Honor and Integrity — Demonstrated dedication in his/her commitment to honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness and integrity in the performance of job responsibilities, meriting the respect of the public for the Team.

    Professional Demeanor — Demonstrated ability to provide exceptional service with a positive attitude even in a challenging situation. Recognition that we are accountable for consistently providing the highest standard of services to meet the needs of our residents/customers.  

    Commitment to  Excellence — Demonstrated personal commitment to improving his/her abilities and/or that of the associates on the Team.  Displays a willingness to learn and an eagerness to accept new and/or different responsibilities to assist the Team in providing the highest level of service.  Exhibits the ability to take the initiative and requires little supervision.

    Responsibility — Demonstrated methods to improve efficiency, safety, and a more cost effective manner of  conducting business. Acknowledgement of the careful use and maximization of taxpayer-provided resources.

    Problem Solving Attitude — Demonstrated extraordinary service to internal and/or external customers to ensure a positive outcome when confronted with a unique problem or conflict.

    Communication — Demonstrated effective and comprehensive communication skills when responsible for providing information and/or explanation of an issue or to deescalate a potentially confrontational circumstance.  Applies communication etiquette when speaking to internal/external customers directly or when using email or other social media.

    Dignified Conduct — Demonstrated level of dignified conduct, both on and off the job, which brings attention  and honor to his/her organization and projects a positive image to the public.

    Loyalty — Demonstrated loyalty to the mission of his/her department, team members, and to the professional and ethical reputation of the organization

    Please contact our Human Resources office at 856-985-4339 if you need assistance with your form.

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